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“Today we have 3 people owning more than the bottom half of the country.” – Bernie Sanders

“If we can bail out wall street, we can cancel student debt.” – Bernie

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Joe: Do you get frustrated with debates?

Bernie: Shouldn’t even call them a debate. What they really are is a reality TV episode.

-The issues facing this country are enormous and very important.

Joe: There is a negative implication with people: that you are going to take their money.

Bernie: Is health care for everyone a radical idea? We are the only major country that doesn’t have health care for all. The function of our system is to make billions of dollars for drug companies and insurance company. We need to change that.

-All I want to do: take Medicare, and over 4 years make it eligible for all. And expand benefits to eye glasses and hearing aids. Joe: Whats the hurdle? Bernie: The power of money. Over the last 4 years – drug companies have spent 4.5 billion in lobbyists to get laws in their favor.

-69 billion dollars – last year top 10 drug companies made. Problem is collusion and price fixing.

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Bernie Sanders Joe Rogan dog

-We are only country in world that doesn’t negotiate drug prices.

-In Canada – major heart surgery – $0 bill and you can go to any doctor you choose. And quality is just as good.

**Bernie Sanders American dream is for this to change:

  • Today we have 3 people owning more than the bottom half of the country.
  • Top 1% owning more than the bottom 92%.
  • Federal reserve – Over last 30 years, top 1 percent has had 21 trillion increase in wealth. Bottom 50% has had 900 billion decline.

-Now we have a few people with incredible power over our society.

-Joe: It’s a business model issue, a greed issue.

-Bernie: If I were elected, I can’t do it alone, not unless millions of people stand up together with me.

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-Joe: What do you do immediately upon becoming president:

  • Make it clear to the American people what my agenda is.
  • Fight for medicare for all
  • Raise the minimum wage (“starving wage”) to a “living wage’
  • Deal with education in a profound way
    • Totally dysfunction early year system (0-4 yrs old)
    • We pay the workers minimum wage yet working class families cannot find decent help
    • Teachers underpaid – working multiple jobs
    • Kids who cant afford college
    • Kids leaving college with 50-100,000 dollars in debt from college
    • Cancel student debt by imposing debt on wall street speculation tax
  • Massive climate changes – Pres Trump is wrong
    • Scientists say less than 12 years to shift off fossil fuels or big troubles

**Minimum wage – What about entry level for high school kids. If small businesses have to do that, can they stay open? Counter – true that young people get entry level, but often the workers at McDonald’s are actually adults with families, not kids. 7.25 an hour currently – not enough, hasn’t been raised in 10 years.

Bernie: 83% of President Trump’s tax cut over 10 years will go to top 1%.

-Bernie Sanders Trump Twitter

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**Student Debt

-Bernie: 50 years ago – University of California tuition was virtually free. Today – now? (I researched and: In-state 13,509 USD, Out-of-state 40,191 USD)

-There is 2.2 trillion in student debt in U.S.

-Bernie Sanders student debt – plan is to cancel existing 2.2 student debt and pay with a wall street speculation stock trading tax. Will generate 2.4 trillion dollars over 10 years (tax would only be on less than half of 1 percent per trade). “If we can bail out wall street, we can cancel student debt.”

**Mass shootings. Gun control, mental health reform. Joe: What if anything can be done?


  • 400 million guns in America, more guns than people.
  • 5 to 10 million assault weapons assault weapons (military style weapon) designed to kill human beings very rapidly.
  • If you want to own gun, we have to know you are stable person. Expand background checks.

-Bernie’s Problem: Can buy guns in various states without background checks. Can buy gun legally and then sell illegally. Should not be selling or distributing assault weapons in this country.

Joe: counter – this is part of being a gun owner, 2nd amendment in our Bill of Rights – viable option to protect themselves to criminals? Bernie: 99.9 % of these people would never do this. WE all have to sacrifice something to prevent this. “I don’t have a magical solution, but we have to do something.”

**Marijuana – Joe Rogan: John Norris book – Hidden War: How Special Operations Game Wardens Are Reclaiming America’s Wildlands From The Drug Cartels. Joe recommends, buy on Amazon (click pic):

**Jail – Bernie: Broken criminal justice system – more people in jail than any other country. Calls for marijuana to be legal. Almost the same legally as heroin, that needs to change.

-Bernie marijuana: I smoked marijuana a couple of times. Didn’t do much for me.

**Joe Rogan Bernie Sanders – Climate change:

  • Tell fossil fuel industry their short term profits are not more important than the future of our planet.
  • Move consciously away from fossil fuels – carbon emissions to energy efficiency
  • Will create incredible number of jobs to properly insulate our buildings (new tech)
  • Wind and solar energy – not just us, we need to be world leader
  • Bernie: “You gotta make the case, whats the risk of not doing anything?”

-Bernie: The President (Trump) is either too stupid to understand (climate change), or he is lying.

**Aliens Joe Rogan: If you become president, will you tell us? Bernie: Yes, my wife would demand that I let you know. We’ll announce it on the show!

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