#1403 – Joe Rogan and Forrest Galante

On this podcast Joe and Forrest dish back and forth about crazy animals and trade insane stories. Enjoy:

**Yellow caiman. Thought to be extinct, but nobody had been back there, deep Colombia, because of hostile rebels. Forrest got back there and found one.

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THANK YOU!!! 🐊 The amount of incredibly positive messages and support I have been receiving is overwhelming! This discovery is probably the greatest of my life on a personal level! I am obsessed with crocodilians and the fact that in this photo, I am holding what was believed to be an extinct one in my lap, is a feeling bigger than words can describe!! Thank you all for tuning in and taking this journey with me! Here are my favorite stills I got with this beauty after the jaw rope was untied before we released it 😍look at that amazing snout! . . . EDIT: I also want to add a huge congratulations to Sergio Balaguera-Reina who also (independently) found this incredible species, published a great paper and is the docent for the ongoing conservation work on this amazing creature! . . . . . #crocodile #caiman #alligator #crocsofinstagram #herpetology #herping #reptilesofinstagram #reptiles #extinctoralive #animalplanet #extinction #host #biology #wildlife #animals #consecration #adventure #travel

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-Forrest: “Reptiles tire out, unlike mammals. Once they expend their energy, they’re basically done.”

-Joe: The nature is metal is a must follow on IG – “I love that page.”

-Joe: “The eyes on that thing (Jaguar), my God. The perfect vision of terror. No forgiveness, no emotions, just ferocity, terror and death.”

-There was a North American giant sloth about 10,000 years ago, bigger than a grizzly bear:

Joe Rogan Giant Sloth

**Thylacine – Tasmanian tiger. People are going crazy trying to find this thing, thought to be extinct. Forrest has been on two expeditions looking for it. He says he met a biologist who said he’s seen it. “Like a marsupial wolf with stripes like a tiger.” Forrest next expedition is to Papua New Guinea to try to find it. “I think it’d be the discover of a century.”

1403 Joe Rogan Forrest Galante Thylacine

**On Koala Bears – Forrest: My understanding is they’re actually little jerks. Kinda like sea otters – everybody loves sea otters, they’re so cute and cuddly, yet not well known they’re super destructive and they rape each other. And pandas are ruthless too.

**On Polar bears. Joe: Ironic that we associate them with Klondike bars and Coca Cola, they are ruthless. Polar bears, red faces 3 of them from eating seal.

1403 Joe Rogan Forrest Galante Polar Bears

-Somebody spray painted a bear as a cruel joke. Drastically limiting it’s ability to hunt (too visible):

Joe Rogan Forrest Galante Spray Painted Polar Bear

**Sharks. Off Catalina there is a large great white shark population. Its grown because we stopped hunting them because of laws.

-Often shark attacks happen by miss ID – people looking like a seal in water. GoPro video of guy gets bit by shark (shown on JRE). 35 sec mark is attack.

**Orcas. Forrest: “I believe there has never been a recorded case of death by orca in the wild.” Orcas (killer whales) are super smart and kill whales, dolphins, sharks but are smart enough to not miss identify human as prey.

**Wild pigs. Expansion of wild pigs making their way into North America. “Feral pigs roam the south” (article shown on podcast)

-Brought here by Christopher Columbus – only brought 6 pigs and that started the whole thing. Shows how powerful invasive species can be and are terrible for the natural environment.

**Babirusa – Forrest: One of my top bucket list animals to see in the wild – show pic live in Indonesia. Bro that does not look real.

Joe Rogan Forrest Galante Babirusa

Joe Rogan Forrest Galante Babirusa1
Joe Rogan Forrest Galante Babirusa Humping

-That’s the kind of fighting mommy and daddy do at night. Tusks on head will grow long to wear it will puncture head and kill itself, if not broken off through fighting.

Joe Rogan Forrest Galante Babirusa Skull

-Forrest: Hang son doong – worlds largest cave – 6000 miles show pic. You could fit new York city skyscrapers inside. Only found in 1995. Exstinct or alive – on animal planet. The wedding cake:

-Put an African man in La Bronx zoo in 18th century.

-There is more tigers in captivity in Texas than there are in the entire world in the wild. Wow!

-Empire of the Summer Moon – Joe, recommends AGAIN. The Comanches vs Texas Rangers – Joe has been obsessed. Goes into horrific detail on the torture they would do to other tribes. Cutting off limbs, throwing into fire.

-Passenger pigeon – in north America – so many it would blackout the sky.

American Buffalo – my friend wrote the book – an excellent book. The audio book he actually reads it himself.

Fun Facts 56:00 mostly listens to audio books now, prefers it now.

The Power of One – Forrest recommends, Bryce Courtney one. An English African boy grows up in the bush.

-Galapagos – Found 2nd specimen ever– Fernandina island tortoise. Literally the rarest animal on the world. 1st was found 114 years ago. One week after our last.

-Wolves do  roll call – by howling and seeing who responds, they know who’s still alive.

-Acting like prey is a good way to get killed.

-Praying mantis – kill hummingbirds, mice, snakes. We are lucky insects are small, because we’d be on the menu.

Do you remember Starship Troopers? Oh yea I love that movie. Giant insects.
-Group of people that say dragons were real – a giant scaly animal that could fly. No fossils because, like birds, their bones break down easily and don’t fossilize. Like a pterodactyl.

-Baboons that raise dogs. Steal dogs from people and keep dogs to have protection against hyenas. “Guard dogs”.

-Robert Sapolski – writes about baboons. Rodents become sexually erect when they smell cat urine. Show video. Toxo plasmosis – a giant population of humans are actually infected by it. Makes people more aggression, impulsive. They think more than 50% of Americans are affected by it.

-Famous obese monkey – put him in fat camp from eating human food.

Joe Rogan Forrest Galante Fat Monkey

-WW1 – Ramree massacre – over 2 days, 1000 Japanese soldiers were eaten by crocodiles. Allies pushed Japanese back, and one would scream, further triggering the crocs to eat them.

-Forrest: Saved a kids life who had been attacked by 100 year crocodile, was probably one of the ones from WW1 that had eaten the Japanese. (like for real). They will absolutely hunt people.

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