“To say it’s a ball of muscle is a massive understatement.” – Tony on koala bears.

**Beginning: Joe talks about being 13 and watching Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip, and it being “the first thing that made me truly understand the power of stand up comedy.”


-Back in the day Bill Cosby was telling Eddie Murphy his stuff was “too dirty.” At the same time he was off raping people.

-Joe & Tony said Eddie Murphy does the best Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor impression. Decide for yourself:

-Eddie Murphy: Raw– Joe said it’s amazing shit.

**Talking about kids in fame:

-Greta Thunberg – climate change girl is now Time Person of the Year. Do you know how many trees are being killed to print her Time magazines?

-Macaulay Culkin – Home alone star – (kid actor) super cool guy, we had him on the podcast before. Joe would describe him: “He’s a grown up man of leisure.” Traveling around the world, chilling.

-Joe thinks Justin Bieber has actually handled it (fame) extremely well. It’s kind of like child abuse, not the “cry me a river” type, the type where you have 100 million dollars, but he missed a lot that normal kids get to experience.

-Stand up comics seem to have a common theme of having a shitty childhood.

-Joe – I 100% got into martial arts because I thought people were going to beat me up.

-Plastic Surgery: Girls that have many, many plastic surgeries…it never works out. Well, there is one case – Kylie Jenner. When you get your nose fixed, it always looks like you got your nose fixed. Foreheads that don’t move. Kylie Jenner, before and after:

Kylie Jenner Before and After

-Joe and Tony talk about that ass – Iggy Izela – her booty before and after:

Iggy Azalea Before and after ass

-Joe: Body dysmorphia is really what they’re doing. It’s an issue with humans, people don’t see themselves as other people do.

**On Instagram Bots, Joe: Number of bots on Instagram are stunning. They’ll never get rid of them because it’d destroy their total number of users.

-There are tons of people getting paid in a Russian troll farm, getting paid to post crazy, wild shit that causes discourse and outrage.

-Joe & Tony talk about crows starting cat fights. Amazing:

-Random Fun fact from Jamie: Album-equivalent unit: 1 Album sale = 1500 song streams

-Joe looks crosseyed or high as fuck 46:00 on Youtube, when Jamie drops a bombshell joke.

Joe Rogan High

#1400 Tony Hinchcliffe Joe Rogan Laughing
#1400 Tony Hinchcliffe Joe Rogan Laughing

#1400 Tony Hinchcliffe Joe Rogan Laughing

-On Dr. Phil: catch me outside. And now she’s a millionaire. Tony – I listened to her rap album…and it was awesome!

**Joe and Tony talk about South Park for awhile. “I do what I want, its my body.”  Joe – It’s weird how things take off. Joe calls South Park one of the greatest franchises, things ever. They get away with so much because it’s a cartoon. 35 second video:

-Team America World Police by South Park dudes – Joe: “still to this day is one of my all time favorite comedies.”

-Gerbil getting stuck up Mr. Slave’s ass – South Park – gerbil goes by corpses of other gerbils on his way out.

-South Park – Paris Hilton in a “whore off” (shown on podcast.)

-Joe and Tony talk about a book The Satanic Verses in reference to South Park:

-Joe: The Vatican – it’s one of those places thats really worth going. They have billions of dollars worth of art work. Tony: What kind of food do they have, Italian? Joe: No Chinese. LMAO.

Where would you be if you could go any moment in history? Joe: When Egyptians were at their peak, watching them build the pyramids. Tony: In the grassy knoll when JFK got shot.

-Joe: Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act like a guy who had just shot someone, nor like someone who was surprised to get arrested. Weird.

-JFK had a disdain for secret societies – delivered speech on it (YouTube) ..check out movie The Irishman. The Kennedy’s were actually bootleggers, illegal alcohol salesman. Joe: Drug dealers. May have had something to do with 2 brothers being shot publicly. (John and Bobby).

-Tony – Have you watched that Dick Cheney movie, Vice? Joe – no I haven’t. Tony – Oh you must. Christian Bale is unreal in this movie, he’s good at everything he does. Joe – He gained 70 pounds for the movie. Tony – One of those movies that when it’s halfway through, I hope it never ends:

-Cheney – one of the most transparent, legal scams in history. He made so much money off of it. CEO of Halliburton, becomes VP, then goes to war. Halliburton then gets no-bid contracts for billions of dollars to repair the same places they blow up.

-Tony: Have you ever seen WW2 in color? Joe: No. Tony: Oh my God. It’s the only thing on Netflix that I’ve watched 5, 6 times.

-(Joe) On buffaloes, they are so dumb. They were saying you could shoot one and the others would look up see their buddy die and just go back to grazing. You’d have to go scoot the herd buffalo out of the way to get the dead buffalo kill.

-Buffalo jump picture in Texas – run the buffaloes towards a cliff, they fall, and then you eat.

#1400 Joe Rogan Tony Hinchcliffe Buffalo Jump
#1400 Joe Rogan Tony Hinchcliffe Buffalo Jump

-Bison = American Buffalo (same thing)

-Tony: Koalas all they do is eat – eucalyptus leaves. Little, tiny, feels like a 3 pound bowling ball. Solid as a rock. It’s a real bear man. To say it’s a ball of muscle is a massive understatement. And they stink.

-Russian family completely missed WW2. Moved away, growing own food and hunting and didn’t even know WW2 had happened.  “for 40 years this Russian family was cut off from all human contact

-Subscribe to Tony’s show on YouTube: Kill Tony show – have had so many comics start there. Can be hostile as fuck or very supportive if you’re good.

-Comedy and fighting – similar – all about the timing, knowing when to strike.

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