-1397 SC Gwynne – Author of Empire of the Summer Moon

-Joe has been raving about SC Gwynne’s book Empire of the Summer Moon for awhile. SC noticed the audio book format had spiked and thought, “What the heck?” The book even spiked all the way to #1. Then he realized Joe had been mentioning it on the JRE Podcast.

-Buy the book on Amazon for only 13.99 – Kindle or around 23.00 paperback. Click pic above.

-Joe: sad, gripping, riveting story. Book is about The Comanche, a Native-American tribe– most powerful Indian tribe of its time, but not too distant history (late 1800s). Joe: That’s only 3 of my lifetimes ago, so recent!

-1836 – 9 year old girl with blond hair gets kidnapped – Cynthia Ann Parker – ends up giving birth to the Comanche Indian chief leader. 


**If Comanches caught you, there were only a couple of possibilities:

  • Males – you were killed
  • Babies – killed
  • Teenage women – killed or kept for slaves, mating
  • 10-12 year olds – have the best chance to kept, brought into tribe

-SC Gwynne recommends other books by Dan Flores  – Coyote America & Serengeti books

**Unlike most Indian tribes which had a strong history of music, dance, art, complex religion – the Comanches were a stripped down, bare bones war culture, much like Sparta is depicted in movies. They were the real shit.

-In 1830s tribe had 20,000-30,000 tribe members, with 5,000 of them being warriors.

-Surprising to most people, different narrative presented in Empire of the Summer Moon. Not the usual “Indian are victims narrative.” Comanches had enormous power, dominance, and brutality.

-Comanches were nomadic, hunter gatherers with horses. Horses gave them unique ability to do things in an incredible, sophisticated way (Hunting and war). Buffalo herds provided them a tremendous unlimited food source.

-32:00 Cynthia Ann Parker – after being kidnapped as a 9 year old girl and growing up with Comanches, she was saved by Western world people. Surprisingly, she wanted to go back to the Comanches, which she did.

-15 yr old Comanche male might be the most freest thing the world has ever seen. Riding around on horseback – hunting, fighting, and fucking.

-Texas is 98% private land, other states beside it which are mostly government owned.

-Comanche tribe has no single reservation, unlike most other tribes. Do have a nation but don’t have central location.

-45:00 Jamie posts pic of Cynthia Ann Parker’s son chief Quanah Parker, who famously participated in a Teddy Roosevelt parade:


*Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.

*Quanah’s house in its current state (Oklahoma). House is falling apart rapidly:


-Joe calls out Wayne Gibson (current owner of Quanah’s house). “Get your shit together Wayne!” (Egging him on to make necessary refurbishing. 

**Comanches had a habit of killing surveyors. They were aware of surveyors and their instruments were associated with taking land from Native Americans. Spawning the birth of the Texas Rangers – to help keep surveyors alive. 


-Joe and SC strongly encourage peeps to check out Lars Andersen videos. Comanches would use horses neck as a shield, and shoot arrows while mounted. He is one of the few people doing awesome shit that the Comanches used to do:

**Other books recommended – The Heart of Everything That Is, Blood And Thunder,

Hymns of the Republic (Civil War), and Rebel Yell – Biography of Stonewall Jackson.

Jack Hays – 1st Texas Ranger book