“I just wanted to dispose everything I couldn’t live with.” – Glenn Villeneuve

-Really good podcast, 4 out of 5 stars. Check out this podcast if you want to know what it’s like to live in Northern Alaska, living off the land and eating every type of animal imaginable. (bears, weasels, wolf, caribou, moose, rats, rabbits, etc.)

Also, check out his Facebook for incredible pictures and posts: Glenn Villeneuve

-It took Glenn 7 years of planning to make it happen, to live on Brooks Range. Parked his van and walked 60 miles to spot where he chose to live.


-Glenn had thought starting air taxi business but other opportunities came up (Life Below Zero show).

-Walked length of Vermont when he was 12-13. Called the “long trail.”


-Quit school when he was 13. Went back for 1 year, high school for 9th grade. He never got high school degree, just a “self education”.

-The year before he moved to his camp in the Brooks Range, he dropped off 2 months food, jug of oil, some flour, rice and beans. Left food at camp in 50 gallon drum. Then parked his car and walked 60 miles to camp (there are no roads, just wild wilderness). Other supplies he left: wall tent, rifle, fishing equipment. One year he ran out of food by September and had only flour left!

-Because of bugs you have to preserve the food, unless hunting in winter. He would wait until cold to hunt moose. Pic mentioned in podcast and pulled from his FB:

standing in front of cabin

-Joe: Lewis and Clark found food as they went. They would buy dogs from the Indians to eat it. They preferred the dog meat over salmon. Wow!

-Glenn: Northern Alaska is the most wild place left in this America.

-Glenn used to work as a freelance courier. Loved it because he could get paid to travel.

-He setup a meat pole to hang meat in the air, meant to keep meat away from scavengers. Pulled from his FB:

meat pole

“All the meat back in camp. This moose will provide many wholesome meals for my family, and the memories of the hunt will last a lifetime.”

-At one point Glenn hadn’t seen another human being for 4.5 months. Really drove him to think “how can I share this experience with others?”

-What did you do for money? I didn’t go out until 30. I had saved my money. I set myself up for literally no expenses, never any debt, no mortgage.

-Spent a lot of time around wolves. Wolves, bears, wolverines inhabited the same area. Tracked wolves and took kills from the wolves. “My rifle is my constant companion.”

-You’d be surprised how much moose you can eat when that’s all you’re eating. 500 lbs of meat can go through in 3 months between 2 adults. 500 pounds / 90 days / 2 people = 2.7777 lbs per person per day.

-You can eat antlers if the animal is young, “it’s soft like a pickle.” I’ve eaten everything on the animal but the poop. And a lot of it you can eat raw.

-Crazy story of encounter with wolf pack.

-Glenn says that wolves and even grizzly bears, 99% of time don’t want anything to do with humans. They just run away, it’s like they know humans are dangerous.

-Joe talks about the Wolves of Paris. Wolves had invaded Paris, see article.

-Glenn doesn’t like to eat bear meat. Not clean meat, they eat a lot of rotten food and have parasites that can harm humans. Tapeworm coming out ass:


-Glenn says its baylisascaris a worm infection. When worm is in an unfamiliar host, like a human, it doesn’t know where to go. Hence Jamie and Joe to look up:


-Joe: Ahhhhhh! Oh my god, that’s so insane! Dude fuck that. That’s one of my greatest fears (worm in eye).

-Glenn would eat vegetables out of the caribou’s stomach. “That’s how I get vegetables.”

-“I believe in approaching problems in a measured way. Don’t rush into it and try to solve it.” – Glenn

-Joe: “What’s the weirdest shit you’ve eaten?” Glenn: “Wiesels. No question. Lol. They smell like a skunk. They have a scent gland. You can eat the bones, fry them black and real crunchy.”

-Joe: Life Below Zero is so appealing to people, especially people working mundane jobs, office jobs, people stuck and they are curious, wish they could try living this way. It’s an outlet and beautiful thing to share with people.

-On bullshitting, don’t understand why the need for bullshit. Glenn thinks we have so many bullshitters because it works in the short term but not the long term. That’s the dangerous thing about lying, if you keep doing it, some people start believing it themselves.

-Joe talks about Cody Lundin’s foot from show Dual Survivor:


-Glenn has a hard time using regular toilet, “too high” – Joe suggests using a squatty potty to get the right angle for proper shitting:

-Glenn describes living in the wilderness as – Instead of filtering out all the noise of the Western world, you’re tuning in (present moment).

-Glenn experienced re-feeding edema – where your body inflames, which can be deadly, from eating too much after a starvation period.

-Joe: What do you want to do now? Glenn: Keep experiencing these things and share it with others.

-On Bigfoot, can’t believe people actually waste their time talking about it and watching shows on it.

-On global warming, Glenn has anecdotally noticed his ice is thinner. Alaska is actually using salt on roads now, it used to be too cold for salt to even work. On Glenn’s lake his ice has gone from 4 feet to 2.5 thick.


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