1393 – James Wilks v Chris Kresser

Chris did not debunk the film, he misrepresented it.

James Wilks: Producer of vegan documentary “The Game Changers”, former MMA fighter, TV Personality

Chris Kresser: Author and expert on paleo, acupuncture, among many of other things.

The Game Changers

This podcast episode I’d rate 1.5 out of 5 stars because it was boring and long. Don’t waste your time (3 hours 40 minutes). Just watch the film.

The purpose of this episode was to allow James Wilks, the producer of the film, a rebuttal to Chris Kresser, who debunked the film on a recent episode of the JRE Podcast (1389).

The film itself (The Game Changers) is highly reviewed and controversial.

There’s not too much to gain from this podcast other than to see two guys argue over semantics.

James pretty much owns the shit out of Chris. It’s clear that James is an alpha male, and he dominates the talking points.

Chris had slammed the film on many areas, and this episode allowed James to counter on those particular areas.

James saying, “Chris did not debunk the film, he misrepresented it.

The main point they disagree on is:

  • James believes a vegan diet is optimal, with supplementing. And that eating meat is not as good as a 100% plant based diet. Hence his film The Game Changers.
  • Chris believes that an omnivore diet is optimal. And believes that heavy supplementing is needed to make a vegan diet work without suffering from malnutrition over time. He thinks meat is a necessary part of your diet for you to be your healthiest.

Both ended up agreeing that a vegan diet, without meat, could be healthy if done right. And that eating lots of good plants is needed to be healthy.

Key learnings:

  • 2/3 of people are lactose intolerant (Chris Kresser).
  • A vegan diet can be more deficient than omnivore diet, and that’s why supplementation is usually necessary.
  • B12 is given to cattle in their feed – so humans supplement B12 indirectly when eating beef.
  • Joe says, “Ever seen a chicken fuck up a mouse?” Here you go:
  • Be aware of industry funded studies that can create incredible bias towards whatever agenda or message they are trying to portray.

James recommends checking out:


Chris recommends checking out: