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-This was an amazing podcast episode – lots of great dialogue w/ Tulsi and Jocko both having military backgrounds. Idea started as a Twitter idea, Joe saying, “Just seemed like such a great idea.”

-Tulsi describes current challenge is that we are fighting this giant political system. She only accepts campaign contributions from people, no PACs (Political Action Committees) or lobbyists.

– Joe/Jocko: You would think Tulsi would be the perfect candidate to defeat Trump and the perfect one for the democrats to get behind. She is a veteran, minority race, congresswoman. A candidate that could take away Trump voters because of her military background.

-Tulsi is very cool. She is Hawaiian, surfs, and plays the ukulele.

-Tulsi dominated Kamala Harris, calling her out in a debate for hypocrisy. There was a direct correlation between Kamala’s poll numbers before and after this video:

-Tulsi and Hillary Clinton are not a fan of each other. Started when Tulsi backed Bernie for the 2016 election. Clinton afterwards called Tulsi, a “Russian asset.” Joe and Jocko can’t believe this bullshit! That Clinton would say that with Tulsi having served in 2 middle east deployments. “People (Clinton) should be held more accountable for saying shit like that.”

-Jocko talks about how to lead. Need to sit back and seek to understand, and make balanced decisions that’s best for the majority of people. Check out his awesome (I read it and it’s awesome) leadership book by clicking this link:

-Homeless crisis in Hawaii is the worst per capita in the U.S.

-80 million people under insured in the U.S. People driving to Mexico just to get affordable insulin for their kids.

– Discussion about the media: It’s about being first over being accurate and news not being held accountable anymore. The people are getting poisoned by all this fast information that they don’t have enough time to make rational judgements anymore.

-Tulsi, Joe and Jocko talk about the media being cheerleaders for war. “Conflict is good for ratings.” Underlying primary factor is that they make tons of money off war.

-Political establishment, corporate media, and military industrial complex all play a part in starting wars.. Need to call for the end of regime-change wars. Tulsi: “War should always be the last resort.”

-On North Korea keeping their nuclear weapons program…They keep it under fear that if they don’t have a nuclear program, the US will take their regime (Kim Jong Un) down. And they don’t believe us anymore, because we promised that to Libya, yet we took them down. And made nuclear deal with Iran, yet tore that deal up when new president Trump was elected. So why would North Korea believe us?

-Often US wars are disguised for alternative motive – corporate, financial or political agenda. Often labeled as “genocide”. Tulsi thinks term is being used too loosely – when the motive is actually politics and power.

-Joe proposes solution to the divisiveness in country: everybody join a jiu-jitsu gym. We would realize that we’re not all that different, and we’re supposed to be a community, one big family in the US, and yet it seems like the US is a political battleground.

-Social media is an application of the extremes. It’s the 2% of the population making all the noise and causing all the discourse.

-Jocko describes what people really care about when he visits factories/companies. They just care about their family, their money, and how much time off they get to spend with their families.

-Tulsi describes the Trump economy as 0-sum mentality – in order for us to do good, others have to do bad. We can’t do well without others suffering. It’s BS. Shared prosperity is possible and the most desirable.

-With Trump it’s not the issues, it’s how he’s going about it. Basically doing negotiations with foreign leaders through the public eye of Twitter. Doing so in an irresponsible way. The world has never experienced anything like it.

-Trump’s confidence, unpredictability, and brashness that got him success in business is not the best formula to lead the US.

-Jocko started a karate gi company: https://originmaine.com/ It’s a great American made product, more high quality than Chinese made gi’s. Also, about the same price as Chinese gi’s because of the added tariffs. Go American made!

Tulsi: “We the people” are the first words of our constitution and must be at the forefront of our politics/interests. When it’s not, “we the people” suffer.

-Tulsi and Google have a lawsuit. Crazy shit. During 1st debate, Tulsi’s Google ad was suspended indefinitely with no clear answer or person behind the suspension. Joe says, “wow that’s so sketchy”. Crazy how people are behind the scenes pulling strings and making decisions in our politics that are interrupting democracy.

-Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) actually considered running for president. Wants to own his own crypto currency.

-Tulsi: Reason politicians say one thing and do another is because they are afraid to piss of major donors of their campaigns. They get caught in a vicious cycle. Can’t say this or do that, because it’ll hurt their chance of getting reelected.

-Tulsi’s current challenge is getting in front of people directly, without third parties filtering the message. Mass corporate media (FOX, CNN, MSNBC, Google, FB, etc) distort and filter candidates messages through big tech, because of they have corporate, political, financial interests and agendas.

-Meghan Murphy – TERF, Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. Believe trans women should not be involved in women’s issues and Twitter banned her for life: Feminist banned for life from Twitter.

-Joe asks Tulsi what can be done to fight the political establishment and mass corporate media. Tulsi: 1) Establish anti-trust laws for consumer protection against monopolies and apply to big tech. Example: Facebook is like a monopoly. They own Instagram, WhatsApp. 2) Congress pass laws for over site and accountability to ensure – freedom of speech and unimpeded freedom to access information.

-Joe describes politics as like competitive sports for people who don’t like sports.

-For people who support impeachment, be careful what you wish for because then you’ll get President Pence. Woohoo!!!!!!!!! Yikes.

-Tusli thinks the best way to beat Trump is at the ballot box, not impeachment route. Which is what she intends to do.

-Trump is such an animal at campaign events. For 2 hours – no bathroom breaks, no drinks, no teleprompters. Whether you like him or hate him, he’s a beast at public speaking.

-Biden seems to be lacking the energy – stuttering, falling asleep, getting names wrong, etc.

-It’s one thing to say you don’t give a fuck. But Trump walks the walk. He’s a master at it, especially when over half the world hates your guts and you still don’t give a fuck.

-Overall, good podcast episode and dialogue. I’d give 4 out of 5 stars.